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It was a great Open Day

Updated: Feb 1

On November 19 we have opened the doors of Pro Ballet School to give you the opportunity to meet us.

Our excellent group of teachers have taught ballet, contemporary and pilates classes for different levels and ages. The best part: the classes were free all day.

This open Day was a great opportunity to discover the new Pilates course taught by the wonderful Debora Maiques Marin:

There were also ballet classes for young boys and girls with María Libertad Pedreira.

As always, the talented Anthony Ramiandrisoa thought the contemporary classes for adults.

Alexander Bezuijen, the latest addition at PBS team, gave contemporary classes for teenagers.

And of course Cinthia Labaronne, the director of Pro Ballet School, gave her excellent ballet classes for children...

... as well as for adults and teenage dancers:

It was a great open day, thanks to all who participated and thanks to the wonderful teachers for their classes.

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