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A great place to become
a dancer

About Pro Ballet School

We are a prospering Ballet School for professional and hobby dancers in the heart of Basel.

The school was founded in 2022 by the former and internationally recognized dancer Cinthia Labaronne.

Together with a team of experienced dancers and teachers, we instruct and train the dance artists of tomorrow.

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My name is Cinthia Labaronne. I started dancing at the age of five. I was lucky to find two wonderful teachers who taught me discipline, technique and rigor but above all the unconditional love for Ballet and how beautiful it is to grow following a passion. Being a good teacher requires an irreproachable knowledge of Ballet, its positions, its different schools, but it also requires experience, tact, patience and love for children.

During my career as a professional dancer I have discovered a passion for teaching and transmission. I have taught many students who today are professional dancers with whom there will always be a privileged relationship.

What has motivated me most in this project is being able to transmit everything I have learned throughout my education and my career, trying to instill a love for dance in children and help them follow their dreams.

Cinthia Labaronne

Founder & Director

Association Purpose

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Offer possibilities for young people and children to study classical dance without neglecting formal studies. This addresses the problems occurring where professional schools require 100% dedication, meaning that dancers choosing other careers or ending their dancing careers must return to formal studies again (high schools, technical schools, or universities).

Train high-performance dancers to be able to compete at an international level. This implies physical, educational, and mental training to meet the requirements that arise in the world of dance. For this reason, the classes are taught in English/German/French offering internationality to the students.

Offer the possibility of professional taught trainings to adults. Currently, for this public, mostly hobby courses are offered where very basic knowledge is provided. Anyone with the desire to dance is welcome!

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