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Maria Libertad Pedreira

Ballet for Children

Her name is Maria Libertad Pedreira and she was born in Madrid.
She began studying dance at the age of 12.
After she finished her diploma in classical ballet at the Conservatory for Music and Dance, she left Spain to start her career as a classical dancer in many different countries. After a long stay in Cuba, she returned to Europe.

She worked in ballet ensembles in Spain, France and lastly, in Switzerland, in Basel.

She settled here 25 years ago to continue her career as a professional contemporary dancer.
With more than 30 years teaching experience of classical and contemporary dance, she has also taken further training in movement, yoga and fitness.
Her children’s dance lessons introduce children to music and movement.
In a playfully experimentally way, children experience movement, explore what their bodies are capable of, discover creativity and ways of expressing themselves, develop an ear for music and come into contact with other children. The main objective is to stimulate creativity.

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