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Laetitia Kohler

Contemporary Teacher

Born in 1995, is a Swiss dancer. She grew up in Delémont. She studied contemporary dance at the Zurich University of the Arts, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in 2017.
She has won the Migros Culture Percentage scholarship twice.
She has worked with Anna Vita at the Mainfranken Theatre Würzburg (DE), the Gross Dance Company with Sagi Gross (NL), the Snorkel Rabbit Company with Alba Castillo and Bryan Arias (CH&FR), the Cie Lindh-Weingartner (CH), Cie BewegGrund (CH), Javier Rodriguez, Les Mondes Transversaux (CH), Sophie Vergères, Max Levy and Marioenrico D'Angelo for Vcreate, Stefanie Inhelder Cie Glitch, Andrea Boll and Oliver Daehler. She also worked as assistant choreographer with Tabea Martin on FOREVER and as co-director for Cirque Starlight in 2020 (tour cancelled).
In 2019 she founded the independent project-based company KoHalition dance and presented the works Now What?, Face it, com on and Once upon a common ground.

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