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Pilates instructor

Born in Besançon, France, Alice started dancing in Geneva at the Académie de danse de Genève and Dance Area before attending the English National Ballet School in London. She then worked with the Polish National Ballet in Warsaw, dancing the big classical repertoire as well as working with some international choreographers. Following that she took a break to work as a volunteer with horses before coming to Basel/Alsace where she worked with Maria Guerrero, then started to teach while doing few freelance projects on the side. She now works as a massage therapist, Pilates instructor and freelance dance teacher. 
Pilates became part of her life at 14 already, when she had personal training with an ex-dancer who taught her how much pilates could enhance dance skills, becoming aware of your body and using its full capacity by fine training specific muscle groups. Continuing to use Pilates during her carrier, she completed the Polestar Pilates Mat instructor course in 2015 and did some further education for pre/post-natal, mat variation, and anatomy in movement.

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